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True Dry Rot Fungi

(Serpula Lacrymans) is by far the most serious wood destroying fungi found in buildings. Spores will germinate and grow in timber with a moisture content of between 20-35%. Fine fungal thread (hypha) digests the cellulose and hemi cellulose fractions of the wood.

Dry rot hyphae group together to form conducting strands. Their main function is the conduction of nutrients through building materials. Strands can penetrate masonry walls seeking out timber to decay.

This treatment is referred to as Full Dry Rot Treatment.

How it’s treated:
1. Remove affected wall linings as specified to trace extent of decay outbreak.
2. Remove all decayed timbers approximately 1m beyond visible evidence of fungus.
3. The exposed surfaces to be cleaned down using wire brush, masonry to be treated, with a biocide/fungicidal fluid as specified in report.
4. All replacement timbers to be pre-treated insuring all surfaces to be coated with a fungicidal fluid and capped or laid on PVC DPC membrane.
5. Moisture sources to be rectified as per report.