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Timber and Damp Survey

Buying or selling a property?

Upon your request, a survey will be carried out by our qualified surveyor, whose findings will be reported back to you.
To arrange a “No Obligation” inspection, please contact our office today and we will be pleased to help you.

The survey:

Upon your request our surveyor will inspect the property to all accessible areas, or specific areas as designated by the client. This inspection will enable us to identify any current problems caused by dampness or fungal decay to timbers, including any attack by wood boring insects.
High moisture levels will always be associated with a fungal attack (Wet Rot or Dry Rot), when found in timbers. The cause of the moisture must always be identified and will normally be the result of a defect in the building or lack of maintenance. In many cases high moisture levels are often caused by poor ventilation but other causes can include leaking or blocked rain water goods, defective roof coverings, faulty pointing etc.

There are a large number of reasons why Rising Damp can occur. An older building may not have a damp proof course installed, it may be defective in certain areas or may be bridged. Our surveyor will investigate by the use of a moisture meter in many cases, high moisture levels found in buildings is not the result of rising damp but due to condensation. Condensation is a major problem in today’s society where it can be both unpleasant visually resulting in black mould growth evident to surfaces and in some cases can also cause problems with health.

Our surveyor will devise a report of his findings and report back to you. This report will include a cost for any remedial works found to be necessary. All preservation work undertaken by Tay Property Services will be carried out by direct employees of the company. A full comprehensive guarantee will be issued on completion of all Timber Preservation work or Damp Proofing carried out.